A bit about me... 

    I embrace life,  laugh on a regular basis, art journal,

make mixed media art, color outside of the lines, blog,

take pictures, appreciate the beauty of nature, meditate,

have fun and cherish my relationship with family and friends.

I am a Mixed Media Artist and an ICF certified Life Coach.

     When I was younger, I felt so free.  Life seemed simple.  My childhood consisted of art classes, gymnastics, tap dancing, ice skating,  playgrounds, jump rope, hop scotch, pickup sticks, Atari, Nintendo, hide and seek, softball, swimming, riding bikes and so much more.
    Fast forward 20+ years...I realized I had lost touch with my creativity, joy and sacred space within.  Somewhere along the line, I had become an adult with responsibilities.  I wasn't sure when it happened, but I was determined to reconnect within.
I started praying more and meditating.  I had energy work done.  I wrote.  I blogged.  I worked with Life Coaches.  I read self-development books.  I worked with healing crystals. I even gave the Adult Meditative Coloring Books a try. 
     I was surprised how much I enjoyed the coloring books.  It started with markers.  Then I tried gel pens.  It became a daily coloring meditation.  It was calming.  A few months later, I started using colored pencils.  I began to feel a shift within.   I was ready to color outside of the lines.  I started creating my own backgrounds on the coloring book pages.  Next I added water coloring to the mix.  Soon after, I realized I had tapped back into my creative space.  I finally felt free again.
     Soon I realized I was coloring in someone else's art in the coloring books.  So I stepped out on some creative courage and started to create my own art.  I did a little research and discovered the world of mixed media art.  Wow!  It was like someone flipped a switch on inside of me.  The creativity lights came on.  I felt reconnected within. It has been very powerful and healing.  I have learned so much from the experience and am beyond grateful. 

     Creating Art has become my new normal.  My dining room now looks like an art studio.  Amazon deliveries and trips to Michael's (Craft store) happen on a regular basis.  I attend art workshops, take online classes and learn a ton from YouTube.  The learning and creativity keep coming.  Now I facilitate local Mixed Media Life Workshops and love it!

My intention is to share what I've learned to help you connect on the inside and express it on the outside in a creative way.